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If we don't sell it it's not worth having! We only sell genuine bona-fide electrified used time machines with low, low mileage at a price you can afford. You've tried the rest now try the best.

Panasonic Parsec 9000

Great introductory model to time travel. Can take you +/- 100 years to the same physical spot in time. Worn by user allows them plus any baggage attached to go with them. Low mileage.

Price - ♥ 7.7

Philips Portal

From the inventors of time travel comes this budget machine. Will carry a single passenger with some luggage. Slight radiation leak hence low price. Comes with free radiation suit.

Price - ♥ 12.9

Hawkins 500

Allow you to travel in time with comfort and style. No limit of dates that can be travelled to. Plenty of space for luggage and approx 500kg of cargo.

Price - ♥ 69.2M

Wells EL01

The Cadillac of single seater time machines. Comfort, style and enough room for 900kg of luggage. Have a nice trip.

Price - ♥ 89.9

Q Continuum 800

Perfect for family vacations and romantic getaways. Watch the Arizona Diamondbacks win or see the test flight of the first flying car! Can hold up to 8 people plus 2000kg of luggage. These models can not only move through time but also space so you can choose to arrive anywhere on this planet or any planet in the green zone.

Price - ♥ 885.2

Vonnegut S5

For the more adventurous there's the Vonnegut S5. You can visit war zones and natural disasters and this baby wont break. Complete with re-enforced Unobtanium walls this thing can take being hit with a nuclear missile and will stay in shape.

Price - ♥ 999


We are disposing of this on behalf of Nasa. Has over 7000 jumps on the clock but has been meticulously maintained. You wont find a better maintained machine at this price.

Price - ♥ POA

Lightyear 404B

Military disposal. Full maintenance record and service history.

Price - ♥ POA